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DataWeave provides actionable data by aggregating, parsing, organizing and visualizing millions of data points from the Web.
We help you discover, monitor, and analyze huge amounts of data.

Much like the roots of a tree, DataWeave draws data from the web and makes it available for use in your Apps, Analytics and day to day decision making.DataWeave makes data access easy through APIs, dashboards, alerts, and visualizations.

Access data in both machine and human readable formats

Large amount of public data exists on the web today spread across various sources in multiple formats. There is a growing need to understand and utilize this data for informed decision making and building applications.
DataWeave makes it simple to access these datasets.

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If you are an Application Developer building interesting Apps, you no longer need to worry about getting the right data in the right form to power your Apps. Use DataWeave's APIs to build your Apps and test them for absolutely no charges*

Competitive Intelligence data from empowers many online/offline businesses to understand their competition better, take timely decisions, and increase sales. Applications/Websites use this data to provide pricing, availability, and assortment details to their end users.

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Sample Visualization

Avengers movie Characters

Most Discussed Avengers Characters on twitter for the movie The Avengers

Avengers movie Characters

Data compiled from

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Using the twitter streaming API, we collected all tweets for the keyword "avengers" for a period of 15 days between 25th April, 2012 and 9th May, 2012. This plot is a bubble chart depicting the most important characters in the movie.

These diagrams have been generated using d3.js. The data source is