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Actionable Insights from the Web

DataWeave is transforming the way businesses harness public data on the Web

DataWeave provides real-time actionable insights by collecting, curating and analyzing data from multiple sources at very large scale, across geographies. Every team in your organization can significantly benefit from these insights for critical decision making.

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DataWeave for Retailers

Use DataWeave's Retail Analytics product to take decisions on product pricing, promotions, assortments and placements confidently. Through these actionable insights you can improve margins & sales, analyze gaps in your catalog, take informed promotion decisions and enhance your catalog quality. We aggregate and analyze products data across geographies at a very large scale to provide you these insights. Our offerings span geographies and languages.

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Pricing Intelligence

  • Improve GMV by pricing your products right.
  • Analyze competitor pricing strategy.
  • Monitor prices, availability, offers in real time.
  • Attribute based mapping of products across category.

Promotional Insights

  • Promote the right products.
  • Enhance stock availability of popular products.
  • Understand competitor promotion strategy.
  • Optimize marketing ROI.

Assortments and Gap Analytics

  • Benchmark assortments vis-a-vis competition.
  • Analyze SKU numbers using any number of pivots.
  • Discover gaps in your product portfolio.
  • Fortify your categories.

Catalog Insights

  • Benchmark quality of your catalog.
  • Improve conversion quality with better description.
  • Correct wrongly tagged attributes.
  • Increase product discovery.

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400 K +


6000 +


2000 +


DataWeave for Brands

Use DataWeave's Brand Analytics product to monitor and control MAP violations, nurture sellers on marketplaces, detect unauthorized sellers, analyze competing brand promotions across eRetailers and know what are the trending products in categories of your choice. This helps you build and protect your brand equity across online and offline distributors. Our offerings span geographies and languages.

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MAP Monitoring

  • Monitor MAP violations in real time.
  • Bring price parity between offline and online channels.
  • Discounts being offered by competing brands.
  • Stock availability of your products.

Seller Analytics

  • Know sellers who are selling your products.
  • Detect unauthorized sellers.
  • Improve distribution by reaching out to new sellers.
  • Analyze competing brands sold by your sellers.

Momentum Analytics

  • Detailed breakdown of assortments across retailers.
  • Monitor demand indicators at a SKU level.
  • Analyze change in assortments by competitors.
  • Benchmark brand product placement across retailers.

Promotional Insights

  • Analyze promotional strategies of competitors.
  • Know the brands that retailers are promoting.
  • Track promotion effectiveness.
  • Discover when and what your competitors are promoting.

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Share with us your name and email, our Customer Success Manager will give you a personalised walkthrough of our features.

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DataWeave for Labs

The Web is a digital outlet to data being produced by humans, machines, and processes. Businesses use this data available on the Web to augment their internal analytics. But this data exists in different formats, is spread across sources, and is temporally changing. There is a huge amount of noisy public data that gets generated every moment. We build Data Products through which we "Weave" this data to help businesses make decisions.