The Web is a digital outlet to data being produced by humans, machines, and processes. Organizations, researchers, and developers are using more and more data for decision making, analytics, and application development. Businesses have started augmenting their internal data with data available on the web to better understand consumers, monitor brands, and track competition.

But this data exists in different formats, is spread across source, and is temporally changing. DataWeave makes data on the Web easily accessible in both human and machine readable formats. DataWeave provides actionable data by aggregating, organizing, visualizing, and managing millions of data points from the Web. Businesses, developers, and end users access data through APIs, dashboards, visualizations, reports, and alerts.

How does this Work

We run large-scale crawls on the Web, extract and structure relevant data, and store it. The crawler and extraction engines work in a distributed fashion helping the system scale. Data is aggregated, analyzed, normalized, and represented in a manner that is easily consumable.



Co-Founder + CEO

Karthik is a co-founder and CEO of DataWeave. He takes care of all aspects of business and investor relations. His passion shows in everything he does. At times he's even seen arguing with himself.


Co-Founder + Technology

Vikranth is a co-founder of DataWeave. He heads Technology. He is the only one in DataWeave who is never been spotted playing cricket in the office.


Design + User Experience

Shubhodeep is responsible for design and UX of our products. He is also responsible for posting photos of errant drivers on Facebook (after applying suitable Instagram filters).


Account Management

Sukruth handles Account Management and Customer Support. He's meticulous about his work and choosy in his dressing. Or it could be the other way round.



Naveen works with the DevOps team. He's an emblem of work hard and party harder. He aspires to make movies. Waiting for his chance.



Data Quality

Arthi works with the Data Quality team. She's perhaps the most silent person in the team.



Reddy works with the Data Quality team. He's very diligent with his work, and his fielding when playing cricket. Not much can be said about his batting.



Mithun heads the backend systems team. He is responsible for building scalable backend systems. He loves long drives. He's not impressed by the quality of fish in Bangalore.


Data Quality

Siva works with the Data Quality team. He starts and finishes every sentence with a 'Dude'. He's The Dude.



Mukesh builds robust backend systems. When he is done with that, he wants to turn his focus towards social service.



Data Quality

Lakshmi works with the Data Quality team. She likes listening to music and loves travelling whenever she can get some free time.



Sucheth is a DevOps Engineer at DataWeave. He is a RahulDravidian, Fan of Indian Movies, and Kasaragodian by Birth.



Avinash is a Products Engineer at DataWeave. Loves to learn new things in the programming world and listening to music. It's very easy to make him code, but hard to make him talk.


Data Quality

Ashwini works with the Data Quality team. She is a fun loving girl and wants to be a smart worker.



Jyotiska is a Data Engineer at DataWeave. He is a Python charmer and claims to have measured the size of big data, with a mere ruler.




Sandeep is a Data Engineer at Dataweave. He is a technology freak, loves playing basketball and cricket. Life Traveler, Tea addict and a really Nice Guy!


Data Quality

Keerthi works with the Data Quality team. She is quick learner who likes to learn new things. Likes watching movies and going on long tours.


Data Quality

Sravani works with the Data Quality team. Her hobbies are going to old age homes and orrphanages. She also like collecting quotations.


Data Quality

Arun works with the Data Quality team. He likes driving and listening to old hindi songs.

Siva Reddy

Data Quality

Siva Reddy works with the Data Quality team. He is a fun loving person. He likes to make others happy and ensure everyone around him is smiling. His hobby is playing cricket and he loves listening to old Telugu songs.



Data Quality

Bhavani works with the Data Quality team. Her hobbies are making new friends. She wishes to live life as simple as possible.


Data Quality

Lokesh works with theData Quality team. He's interested in learning new things and loves playing chess.


Data Quality

Gowthami works for the Data Quality team. Her hobbies are singing songs and watching Discovery Channel.


Data Quality

Manohar works with the Data Quality team. His hobbies are playing cricket. He loves to travel. "A new day is a new beginning"


Data Quality

Tarun works with the Data Quality team. He loves listening to music and he enjoys long rides with friends whenever and wherever.



Data Quality

Nagarjuna works for the Data Quality team. His hobbies are reading books and watching TV.


Data Quality

Navaneetha works with the Data Quality team. Her hobbies are reading books and watching TV.



Shashidhar works with the DevOps team. His hobbies are playing video games. He is deeply in love with coding.



Bhuppi works for the Products team. He likes to design algorithms and solve problems.

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